Streamline Business Processes

Here’s what you can expect to see when moving from an unmanaged to a Unmanaged Print environment:

Streamline Business Processes

All businesses have a certain set of procedures or processes setup in order to accomplish everyday tasks in the most efficient way possible. This is often referred to as workflow. Workflow usually involves the movement of documents or information being passed from one individual or department to another in order to complete the next step in a series of predefined procedural rules. An example of this would be how your organization handles the purchasing of items from issuing a Purchase Order, receiving the items, processing an invoice and issuing a check or electronic payment for the items received. Think of all the individuals, departments and steps involved to make sure these items are sourced, received and paid for correctly.

The example above is only one of many workflow processes all around your company. In order to streamline these activities and to save both time and money, most businesses are looking for ways to automate workflows by leveraging technology. Leveraging the latest print device technology can significantly impact the automation of workflow by shifting from printed pages to electronic documents, removing redundant steps and minimizing human error. Newer technologies inherent in multifunction printers (MFPs) can be introduced into workflow processes to improve or automate your current manual business practices.

Once you’ve made the initial investment in new print device technology, looking at workflow automation will increase the return on the investment of these print devices in terms of time and money, improving the bottom-line of the business. The newest print technologies are fully capable of leveraging workflow automation with very little or no additional investment and offer big returns.

Encompass’s Managed Print Consultants help you identify ways to improve workflow and realize the return on the investment in print device technology that supports your business decisions.

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