Job Accounting

Job Accounting
Knowing exactly how much your business spends on printing is essential to maximizing the return on your printer investment, and for minimizing the total cost of printer ownership. Job accounting solutions are the easy way to monitor, allocate and optimize your printing costs - tracking usage of printing, copying and digital sending functionalities by user, department, client and project. This allows for control and allocation or cross charging of printing. Monitor your printing infrastructure with real-time, statistical displays of printing resources, and schedule automatic e-mail reports for full, detailed accounts of printing usage. Provide access to printers and copiers through a variety of user authentication methods or with prepaid printing accounts.

Printelligence MPS
Simplify peripheral management and save time with automated reports. Knowing everything that’s going on in your printing and imaging environment gives you the power to improve it-you can increase device uptime, reduce color abuse, re-allocate devices to better meet the needs of various departments, improve end-user productivity, and even reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

Preo software offers powerful insight into your print environment by providing a variety of reports. The software tracks everything from who uses color and how often they use it, to which machines are used most heavily, which tend to sit idle, and which have the highest uptime. It can e-mail reports listing the highest volume color users and predict when supplies will need to be replaced, allowing you can order supplies before running out.

"Managed print service is a game-changing trend that will have significant impact on the hardcopy market the leaders, major players, contenders, and participant that make up the current MPS lanscape and reflec needed to be successful." -Xerox

How Printelligence MPS Brings Costs Under Control

  • Track device usage by user, application and device
  • Follow error log histories and trends
  • Track and report by single device or device group
  • Discover and track all printing assets
  • Change user behaviors with reminders
  • Advice for every print job
Your Encompass Managed Print Service Consultant will assist you in determining the appropriate solutions for your organizations challenges and needs specific to your print environment. top

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