Ready to go Paperless?

Electronic Forms
Electronic forms are customizable forms that can be printed on demand. Encompass can help you move your paper-based forms to electronic forms that you can easily edit. Your business can benefit by replacing pre-printed forms, conducting personalized one-on-one marketing and marketing to your existing customers on the documents you generate specifically for them.

Why Use Electronic Forms?
A great way to save money on paper, ink and toner is to use electronic forms. Electronic forms are easy to update and customize, easy to send to an email address or network folder and can be printed out when needed. At Encompass, we understand that our clients are always looking to reduce costs and implementing electronic forms is a great way to do so. top

If you want to replace drab preprinted forms with customized electronic forms, we can help! You can put your own company logo on them and make them available to the public by use of the internet. Maintaining preprinted forms can be very costly. With electronic forms, you can elect to print only the portions of the forms that you need, resulting in more economical printing habits. top

Target Marketing
Tracking the needs of your clients and customers will allow you to create specified invoice marketing plans for your clients. One-on-one marketing is an effective tool for showing the client that their business is important to you. We can help you put this tool to use so you are informed and prepared to meet your clients’ needs.

Invoices are quite possibly the most dynamic documents that exist. Each one is full of information about the past purchases of each client providing the perfect opportunity to implement invoice marketing. You can put specials or discounts on their invoice to entice them to bring more business to you. top

Electronic Forms and Your Business
Electronic forms are versatile, easily revised and edited, customizable and can be accessed at multiple locations. They are easy to send, easy to receive, and with the reduction in paper usage, they are easy on the environment and printing cost budget. top

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