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About Encompass
Encompass is a premier provider of Managed Print Services (MPS). Encompass specializes in leveraging their customers existing print infrastructure & streamlining the complex world of printing and copying with a cost-per-page service that improves workflow and controls costs.

Encompass expertly combines service and technology benefits to simplify document flow. Encompass consultants conduct a detailed assessment of a customer’s business environment and then recommends and executes reliable, flexible solutions that optimize the print, copy and fax functions within an organization. Encompass offers this entire tailored output infrastructure through a simple cost-per-page service that can include all hardware, supplies, service, network connectivity and on going custom analysis/asset management. This service moves printing, copying and faxing to a true usage model that consolidates all of your output costs (acquisition, supplies, maintenance, etc.) to one identified, documented and controlled expense.

Encompass delivers strategic transformations that deliver real business results. Customers enjoy real, appreciated value in the way they manage business information with specific benefits of increased productivity, lower & controlled costs and simplicity. top

Our Mission
The mission of Encompass is to convert each customer into a ‘Raving Fan’ by making a positive, measureable impact on the customer’s print/copy environments. top

Our Core Values

  • Passion to do the right thing for the Customer, the Company, the Team, and each Employee
  • “Can-Do” Attitude
  • Team Players
  • Self-Motivated
  • Fun to be Aroundtop

What Makes Encompass Unique?

  • Customized Onsite Service- HP tech visits your site to complete repairs, deliver/install toners, and perform preventative maintenance cleanings, freeing up your IT and staff time.
  • No Equipment Agenda- Our solution doesn’t require you to buy new equipment before we lower your costs and optimize what you already own.
  • Only Pay For What You Print- Unlike our competitors, if you don’t hit your minimums, we rollover the unused pages for future use, which eliminates over-spending on pages you don’t use.
  • Ongoing Optimization Analysis- We continually re-audit your needs to keep your environment optimized; driving down costs and improving site/staff productivity. top

Our Proven Process
Assess, Validate, Propose Solution, Implement... Continuously Manage and Re-Optimize.

Our Guarantee
Cancel if you’re not a ‘Raving Fan’ after 90 days.

Over our long history, Encompass has developed an unmatched group of Printer and Multifunction Manufacturer Partners. These partnerships provide Encompass with the ability to service and support over 92% of current OEM business rated installed base of equipment. Encompass has strategic partnerships with industry leading manufacturers, HP and Xerox. Working together with experts from these companies, Encompass’s Managed Print Consultants manage your print environment and provide expert consulting advice. Encompass’s expertise in managed print is unsurpassed. Encompass’s experts are in constant contact with our Partners and bring these experts into your office environment for discussions and strategy meetings.

HP As an HP Business Partner, Encompass is involved in a number of programs which provide our clients with HP’s industry leading expertise. Together Encompass and HP offer our clients the ability to leverage management tools to balance and optimize and office printer fleets. Encompass has earned HP’s coveted designation as an Elite Office Printing Solutions Partner. With this designation comes access to HP’s print experts and strategy consultants lending expertise to Encompass’s Managed Document Services offering.

Xerox A Xerox Peak Partner, Encompass provides clients with optimal flexibility and solutions that best meet specific client requirements. Xerox’s standardized user interface and software suite, allows these solutions to be deployed across the full Xerox product line. top

Encompass is actively involved in both the Managed Print Services Community IT Services Community. To remain on the leading edge of this constantly evolving field, Encompass holds full membership in the following associations:


What Our Clients Say