Right Sizing/Down Sizing

Right Sizing
Printer optimization or “right sizing” means putting the right printer in the right location for the right application. Generally up to 50% of any fleet is underutilized - printing way under the monthly duty cycle. Furthermore, in most fleets, if 20% of the fleet was removed, the overall impact to the print volume is negligible. These underutilized assets can be redeployed to more productive area thus increasing user’s productivity and avoiding future expenditures. Recommendations will include the following:

  • Repositioning devices to push highest print volume to lowest cost devices
  • 1:1 Replacement: Results in equal or lower costs and includes some new devices
  • Swap Existing Devices: Lowers costs by swapping locations of existing devices
  • Introduction of affordable color printer device replacement
  • Controlling color printing

Right Sizing/Down Sizing

Down Sizing
Consolidation or “down sizing” of devices is probably the #1 strategy an organization can implement to both reduce print volume and overall costs. The transition of a “my” printer to an “our” printer environment covers two areas. The first is the reduction of personal printers, especially high cost of operation inkjet printers. Inkjet printer ink is more expensive than some of the finest perfumes and costs 5 - 20 times more than printing on a monochrome laser printer. The second is the evolution of copiers to MFPs (Print/Copy/Fax/Scan) has resulted in excess printer capacity. It is still common to see a MFP, printer and fax all within close proximity.

Though consolidation can result in a large savings to the organization, a careful review of the environment should also be made. Every situation is unique and after all, the most expensive asset to an organization is its employees. Having one device for 30 employees saves money, but sacrifices productivity. Every employee having their own printer improves productivity, but is cost prohibitive. A balanced approach is recommended so maximum productivity is achieved while costs are contained. The result is a combination of MFPs, workgroup printers and personal printers.

  • Replacement of high cost personal print devices with workgroup devices
  • Consolidate Devices: Results in equal or lower costs and includes some new devices
  • Phasing out one off models or older technology with a high cost of operation
  • A balanced deployment approach top

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