Affordable Color

Affordable Color
Today, most companies still believe color printing is too expensive and on some print devices, they’re probably right. While the cost to print in color has dropped dramatically over the past few years, it still costs about five times more than a monochrome print. Put another way, color printing is generally less than 10% of the overall volume but makes up over 30% of the overall costs. Yet, color printing continues to grow. Why? It’s very effective. People pay attention to color. In the right situation, color makes a big difference. The newest generation of color printers and MFPs are much more affordable and businesses everywhere are using color documents to enhance their image and increase the effectiveness of their communications.

How To Decide?
It makes sense to have a color strategy that includes:

  • Understanding of the true cost of color
  • Measuring color printing continually
  • Controlling who, what and when for color printing
  • Reviewing new technology periodically top

Why Print In Color?
Color printing is persuasive and powerful. Full-color, variable data documents enhance customer loyalty and retention, generating:

  • 34% faster response rates
  • 48% increase in repeat orders
  • 32% increase in overall revenues
If your business is looking for ways to introduce affordable color printing, Encompass can analyze your color printing needs and recommend cost effective ways to incorporate color into your document production. We can even review the print jobs you are currently sending to outside print shops or commercial printers to see if it makes sense to bring them in-house. top

Print Shop or In-House?
Many businesses with sales and marketing departments, still send color print jobs to a local print shop or commercial printer rather than purchasing a color printer and printing in-house. Depending on the type of document being printed, quantities and quality requirements, printing in-house can now be less expensive than sending print jobs out. Add in faster turnaround times, the ability to print variable data and lower quantity commitments, and the results can be dramatic.

Printing in-house can offer savings of over 50% versus printing at print shops. -Info Trends

The latest multifunction printers offer different color print options; Professional color, Office quality color and Accent color. Professional color has the highest percentage of coverage (ink on the page) while office quality is considered good enough for most internal documents. Accent color provides the opportunity to use specific color data on a monochrome page. In addition, monochrome printing can be penalty-free, meaning inexpensive black ink is used instead of mixing expensive color ink to create black. In a Managed Print solution, each level of color printing has an associated per-page cost, making printing from a color printer or MFP very affordable. top

Don’t Miss The Color Opportunity
The old arguments for not printing in color are simply no longer viable. Color printing is now more affordable than ever. It’s time to take another look at purchasing color printing devices and reaping the benefits of enhancing your company’s image by communicating with your clients in color. If you’ve never considered color, now is the time. top

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