Go Green

Go Green
Organizations are discovering through better print management, it is possible to both reduce costs and have a positive impact to the environment. But today, green initiatives go way beyond just recycling. When it comes to printing, corporations must now take into account energy consumption, along with paper, supplies and equipment recycling. Encompass has a long history of helping organizations incorporate Green-friendly initiatives into their own print environments. We’ll help you purchase Greener print devices that are Energy Star compliant and suggest the implementation of Green printing practices. Think of the three R’s - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Reduce Consolidate print devices and use energy more efficiently by purchasing newer generation printers with the latest technology. Review your paper processes and consider the option of paperless processes to optimize workflow.

  • Use technology to print less - pdf vs. print and file
  • Double sided printing as a default
  • Look at high printing areas and consider reworking processes to reduce printing
  • Restrict who, when and what can be printed - web pages, emails
  • Use energy management features of printers top

Make better use of the existing printer fleet. While manufactures tout the energy savings for new products, they don’t talk about the energy it takes to manufacture and transport to market the printers. Redeploying older technology to less intensive areas within your organization can save money and energy. top

A key component of our Encompass program is the closed loop collection and recycling of consumable supplies such as toner cartridges. Collected cartridges are either remanufactured into new aftermarket cartridges or are broken down into their separate materials for recycling: plastic, aluminum and heavy metals. The manufacturers we partner with have on-going recycling programs for both supplies and printers. Our Managed Print Consultants keep current on all programs and promotions offered through our partners and will make you aware of how you can recycle supplies on an on-going basis, and trade-in old printers in a responsible and cost efficient manner. Not only will your old technology be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, but many of these programs include a trade-in value against new purchases. You do the right thing AND get paid for it.

  • Use recycled paper and supplies.
  • Recycle all print-related supplies - paper, cartridges, service parts
  • Trade in older print devices for recycling top

Lead with Green
Partnering with Encompass means your company will be an industry leader in Green Printing. Working with our Managed Print Consultants, we’ll help you consolidate print devices, replace energy hogs with newer, more energy efficient ones, leverage technology to print fewer pages, and setup a recycling program to keep supplies and old devices out of the landfills. We’ll leverage industry programs to make sure your company gets the benefit without having to pay more. Where else can you do what’s right and save money?

ReLeaf: become paper consumption neutral by reforesting the planet
We’ll plant a tree for every tree your organization consumes in paper with our  PrintReleaf solution.

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