Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership
Working together, we’ll help you stop making print device decisions based solely on acquisition price and instead consider the total cost of ownership.

Most businesses make print device purchase decisions based on acquisition price or features known as “speeds and feeds”. Based on our years of experience, it’s more important to review the Total Cost of Ownership of any print device over its entire useful life, before making a purchase decision. You may be surprised to learn that the initial purchase price only represents a fraction of the overall cost of owning a print device.

Know All Your Costs
Over the lifecycle of the device, we’ve found that less than 25% of the total cost of ownership of a print device is the acquisition cost and that more than 75% of the cost lays in supplies, service and maintenance requirements. Our Managed Print Consultants will help you factor in monthly page volumes, operating costs per page, and acquisition price, as well as review a list of preferred operating features, before making a recommendation. In the end, you’ll have the complete picture and make smarter decisions, with no surprises, probably for the first time. top

Have A Plan
Rather than solving individual print-related problems or needs as they come up, have an overall print strategy. Start by identifying the print needs within your business that are not currently being met. Choose and purchase the print device that satisfies these needs, forming the backbone of the overall print strategy. Address the remaining needs by relocating existing devices or purchasing new devices as required. Newer, networked multifunction devices have evolved dramatically in recent years and now offer management features such as: online interfaces, enhanced security features, new user functionality and options for personal work preferences as well as process improvements. Developing and implementing an overall print strategy, over time, you will have a newer, more balanced fleet with fewer devices and significantly better functionality. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better and quick fixes, usually end up costing more in the end. top

Who Decides
Under a Managed Print environment we strongly suggest unifying the purchasing of print devices. It doesn’t matter who makes these decisions; IT, facilities or purchasing. What is more important is that all print device purchases (printers, copiers, MFP’s) are made based on an overall print strategy, taking into consideration the needs of the organization. To avoid duplication and over capitalization, it’s vital to have purchasing centralized and overall responsibility for the print environment within one department, or even one decision maker. top

Stay Current
Included in our Encompass Solution, our Managed Print Consultants continuously look for ways to optimize your print environment. Management reports are prepared and analyzed to identify print devices that require excess service and support and may be affecting user productivity. Without an overall print strategy, businesses often continue using older and problematic print devices, often without realizing the impact on their users. Together, we’ll help to can identify when a device should be retired or traded in for newer technology. Another successful strategy is to simply NOT replace problematic devices, but redirect users to newer multifunction devices that are already deployed. top

Best Practices
In summary, the best purchasing decisions are made when:

  1. The total cost of ownership of a print device is known
  2. Purchasing decisions are unified
  3. Purchase decision are made based on an overall print strategy, not by simply reacting to needs or problems as they occur
  4. Problem print devices are retired before they affect productivity top

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