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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Managed Print Service company?
A true Managed Print Services (MPS) Company that is completely vendor agnostic enables organizations to reduce the cost and improve the processes associated with printing and copying documents. This is done by managing, monitoring and measuring everything associated with that infrastructure like equipment, where the equipment is located, and what kind and how often the equipment is used. It also matches the volume of print against all the costs put together to help control unnecessary waste.

What is unique about Encompass as an MPS?
Encompass is one of the pioneers in MPS. Our company is vendor neutral, which means we can negotiate the best prices on equipment and supplies for your organization, based on need, use and quality. We transform print environments to achieve upwards of 30% in savings to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

  • Customized Onsite Service- HP tech visits your site to complete repairs, deliver/install toners, and perform preventative maintenance cleanings, freeing up your IT and staff time.
  • No Equipment Agenda- Our solution doesn’t require you to buy new equipment before we lower your costs and optimize what you already own.
  • Only Pay For What You Print- Unlike our competitors, if you don’t hit your minimums, we rollover the unused pages for future use, which eliminates over-spending on pages you don’t use.
  • Ongoing Optimization Analysis- We continually re-audit your needs to keep your environment optimized; driving down costs and improving site/staff productivity.top

What are the benefits of a managed print solution?
The benefits from a managed print solution include:

  1. Known printing costs
  2. Page volumes and Print devices and are known and managed
  3. Devices and vendors are standardized and consolidated
  4. Print environment is managed holistically
  5. I.T. staff involvement is significantly reduced
  6. Up to a 30% savings on print-related costs.top

How big do we need to be to consider a managed print solution?

Encompass has found that most size businesses can benefit from managing print-related expenses. However, organizations with 10 or more print devices receive the greatest benefit.top

What is the Assessment and how long does it take?
The Assessment can take from two to four weeks. Usually, it depends on the size of your organization, but not always. Each situation is different.

Encompass takes the time to truly deliver value to your organization through the Assessment process. Some of the elements of an Assessment are a look at the entire spend, equipment deployment, staff use, the current costs of each piece of printed paper for copying, printing, faxing and scanning and the length and terms of vendor contracts and agreements that are in place for supplies.

It’s free! The only thing we ask is an opportunity to provide you a business case where we can help drive savings and process improvement. Some of the steps we perform and report back to you about include a management survey, a financial review and a cost benefit analysis. But most importantly, we spend time with you and as many end users as we can in order to truly identify what the needs are and how we can support those needs. Once completed, we sit down with you and others and talk through our findings to coordinate solutions with you.top

What is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?
This phrase - total cost of ownership - refers to ALL costs related to owning a print device. Acquisition price alone is usually less than 25% of the ownership costs. Other costs include: supplies, maintenance kits, service, and support costs. These “other” costs can comprise up to 75% of the ownership of a print device. Encompass will help you research total cost of ownership for any print device before making a purchase.top

Why a page-per-billing model?
A per-page billing model takes into account all the costs of printing and breaks them down into a simple per-page cost. In this way, all the costs of printing are known to you and can be budgeted, forecasted and reported against in order to more thoroughly manage a previously unmanaged business expense. Furthermore, this model transfers the risk of toner cartridge and print device performance directly to the service provider. Lastly, the per-page costs become an essential data-point for the management and optimization of your print environment. top

How much can we expect to save by implementing a managed print solution?
Typical cost savings are 10-30 percent. You save time and money by increasing employee efficiency. Employees who previously spent time supporting printers by ordering supplies, processing invoices, and responding to printer-related help-desk calls can better concentrate on their core job responsibilities. top

We have several equipment vendors. Will they go away?
Not necessarily. The benefit to you is that we will only do what’s right for you. Encompass is independent and entirely neutral when it comes to equipment. With Encompass our focus is only on you and delivering the highest quality, at the lowest cost. top

Can Encompass help me determine how to best use printer technology at my business?
Yes! Your managed print expert has experience and training relating to MFP and network print device technology and how it can affect workflow in your business. In addition, he/she has access to industry experts through partnership relationships and can bring in additional expertise to assist in educating you about available technologies to improve workflow and enhance security at your place of business.top

What is a multifunction printer?
A multifunction printer (MFP) is a device that can print, copy, scan and fax, all in the same device. MFPs also have inherent technology such as scan-to-email, scan-to-folder and walk-up print security functions. top

How does Encompass provide its services to my IT staff and end-users?
Encompass will provide excellent service through regular reports and reviews, recordkeeping of print use and keeping close tabs on spend throughout the life of an agreement with Encompass.

Our managed print consultants are our experts in continuously reviewing your print environment. They answer your calls for information and help and provide consistent communications about new equipment or better ways to manage your workload that will save your staff time and money.top

How will we know what’s going on to save time and money?
Encompass knows that the reason we’ve partnered is to save money and improve productivity, and we want to keep you informed every step of the way. It’s how we do our business! We’re proud of all the savings we’ve been able to share with our clients and know we can guarantee you savings too! Our passion is converting you and your organization into raving fans. top

Why does a print strategy matter to my organization?
There is value to your organization when you improve processes that lead to enhanced productivity and cut costs through expert strategic planning, management, monitoring and measuring of your print environment.

As exclusive providers of Managed Print Services, we guarantee optimization of print infrastructures at maximum savings. Our print strategies streamline the processes to drive volume reduction to the lowest levels possible through communication and training. We understand that every minute matters and that every penny counts to help deliver a superior client experience. You can count on Encompass to drive down cost and optimize processes to the highest standards of excellence. top

We’re environmentally concerned. Do you have any sustainability programs that you can help us with?
Reducing print volume and teaching end-users how to decrease negative environmental impact across our clients is uppermost on our minds. We work daily with clients “green” committees on innovative programs vital to reducing paper waste across the enterprise. Even simple suggestions, such as changing font size and previewing documents first before clicking the print button ensures only necessary pages are printed and will reduces paper waste and improve productivity. top

What Our Clients Say