The Encompass Solution

The Encompass Solution
Our Encompass Managed Print Solution is the fully integrated management of an organization’s entire print fleet and all the associated costs of printing in your office. Most companies experience significant savings, as much as 30 percent of their overall print-related costs, by initiating our Encompass Managed Print Solution. Our Encompass Managed Print Solution is based on a cost per print (CPP) model. The cost to print a page is inclusive of supplies, service labor, repair parts, 100% printer warranty and most importantly management reporting.


Remote Monitoring
Encompass proactively manages your print devices through the use of remote monitoring software. A small application is downloaded and installed on any networked PC to regularly monitor print devices. Data is gathered from each print device on a predefined cycle and sent via secure transmission to a secure offsite server. Captured MIB data is used to monitor supply levels and report service issues, often triggering the dispatch of a technician before you may be aware of a service need. Remote device monitoring provides Encompass with continuous device meter counts to ensure accurate invoicing with minimal estimates. Remote monitoring provides greater visibility of the printer fleet to both you and the Managed Print service provider. top

Onsite Support
Technicians provide onsite service ranging from simple toner cartridge replacement to major repairs - all delivered just in time, as soon as four hours from notification. Preventative printer maintenance is conducted at every visit including printer cleanings. Management of onsite supplies inventory by your employees is eliminated and printer uptime is maximized. Onsite supplies inventory is provided on consignment, eliminating the dollars tied up in excess backup inventory. top

During regularly scheduled meetings, print volume, device utilization, and service history reports are provided and reviewed by our MPS consultants with your IT Managers. These reports provide visibility into your print environment and are the basis for recommendations regarding the optimization of your print fleet. top

Device Management
Device positioning, relocating and replacement recommendations are made in order to optimize your print environment. Printer fleet assessment is continuous. When a printer approaches end of life, experiences an above average number of service incidents or becomes more expensive to service than to replace, proactive actions are taken to contain costs and maximize user uptime. top

Single Invoice
Encompass delivers Managed Print services on a cost-per-print basis. Your invoice can reflect print volumes grouped by department or cost center. This allows you to establish printing budgets and compare them to actual costs. top

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